About Freshmen Orientation

Freshmen Orientation (FO) stands as SMU's largest event for incoming freshmen, serving as a transformative experience that sets the stage for a fulfilling and enriching university life. It offers a valuable platform for freshmen to cultivate new friendships and immerse themselves in the vibrant SMU culture, creating a strong foundation for their academic journey.



SMUniverse represents a parallel universe of SMU within a captivating virtual game world. In this realm, the actions undertaken by avatars bear no real-world consequences, granting everyone the freedom to express their true selves and pursue their desires unhindered. Nevertheless, complete immersion in technology may lead to a disconnection from reality. To restore equilibrium, avatars can find solace in embracing the SMU circle values and mottos, enabling them to strike a harmonious balance between these two worlds.


Meet Your Characters


One with Personal Mastery

By understanding that true greatness stems from within, Astra embraces self-reflection and continuously pursues opportunities for growth and self-improvement.


One with Grit & Passion

With unwavering grit, Gophers pushes boundaries, shatters barriers, and wholeheartedly immerses themselves in their pursuits, inspiring others to unleash their passions.


One with Networking Skills

Possessing an irresistible charm, Nexus excels in building connections, nurturing relationships and embracing the power of diversity. 


One with Resilience

In the face of adversity, Zenith embraces every hurdle as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement, emerging stronger than ever.


The Crew