SMU Resilience Framework

SMU Resilience Framework 

At SMU, we adopt a whole-of-university approach towards overall student wellness through developing the skill of resilience in our students. This is a proactive approach towards supporting our students’ mental health. Instead of waiting to react to problems, the aim is to promote a more positive, proactive culture that prioritises students’ social and emotional health. By doing so, the University is not only improving the likelihood of student success, but also helping students find their footing to thrive and succeed, providing a pathway to a life of flourishing.

The SMU Resilience Framework has been adopted as an approach in health promotion where students (you!) are empowered to take charge of their own wellbeing; where the focus is on fostering holistic wellbeing instead of just mental health per se.  The SMU Resilience Framework (see Fig. 1) aims to build resilience in students in six inter-related dimensions of wellness in students - Physical, Intellectual, Social, Emotional, Career and Financial - through the three-pronged approach of:

  • Education (imparting knowledge and skills (to both staff and students), and shaping attitudes),

  • Encouragement (providing professional and peer support through various platforms) and  

  • Experiences (broadening students’ emotional and psychological horizons through authentic learning environments).

SMU Resilience Framework diagram

The SMU Resilience Framework is premised on the belief that people can learn to "bounce back". Life will inevitably present its challenges - some big, some small; some expected, others unexpected. The ability to bounce back and find equilibrium again is a critical life skill for students during the university years and beyond. The SMU Resilience Framework seeks to develop the physical, intellectual, financial, career, social and emotional resilience of our students by providing them with the education, encouragement and experiences that can be used to navigate life’s challenges. Like building a muscle, increasing one’s resilience takes time and intentionality. Through the three-prong approach of Education, Encouragement and Experiences, we strive to empower students to weather, learn and grow from difficult situations.

At SMU, we build resilience together because our students’ mental wellbeing matters.

SMU Resilience Framework