The Case

The Case Of The Missing Medallion

Welcome to Circle Academy - the world's top detective academy, home to the world's finest detectives.

However, being the top detective academy with the finest detectives did not spare Circle Academy from trouble. A prized medallion has just been discovered to be missing from a glass trophy cabinet at the academy's Headquarter (HQ). This medallion actually contains a microchip with top secret information that is crucial to the survival of the academy!

The academy's HQ quickly activates all their four squads to retrieve the missing medallion. The squads are Conan, Drew, Holmes and Peralta, named after the Circle Academy's renowned alumni. The squads have to complete their investigations and bring the medallion back in less than 72 hours. Time is of the essence! 

The HQ has announced a huge reward to the squad who finds the missing medallion. Fueled by a fervent desire to emerge as the best, each squad decides - it's game time. The detectives within each squad have to use their wit, intuition, and skills to solve this mystery together. 

What challenges will be in their way?

Which squad will succeed in this quest?

Will the missing medallion be found? 

The Detectives Squads


“The Observant"

Sharp eyes and sharper minds define the Conan Squad. Well known for their highly intuitive and observant abilities, they leave no stone unturned. With their perennial passion for closing cases, their work is truly in a class of its own. 


“The Ingenious"

Unsolved mysteries? Cold cases? Supernatural situations? No problem! Welcome to the Drew Squad. Famous for their resourceful and nifty minds, that allows them to effortlessly handle every single case thrown their way.


“The Inquisitive”

Named after the youngest sibling in the Holmes family, Enola, this squad is unafraid to speak their minds against social norms. Extremely well read and adept in every field, these detectives unravel every single mystery, every single time.


“The Witty”

Don't be fooled by the Peralta's Squad's charming, laidback personalities - these detectives have a strong sense of justice, and are sure to solve all mysteries they come across with their signature touch of humour and wit. 



FOMO 2021 Organising Committee

Chairperson – Sara Tan Jia Wei  Yr 2/LKCSB
Vice-Chairperson – Kaizen Koh Yu Xiang  Yr 2/LKCSB

Marketing Department
Basak Soumili  Yr 3/SOSS

Deputy Directors
Chanikarn Ousangdikul (Jennie)  Yr 2/LKCSB
Ng Wei Ting  Yr 2/LKCSB

Faisal Ichsan Samudra  Yr 2/SCIS
Ler Xin Jie  Yr 2/LKCSB
Syaza Binte Abdul Rahim  Yr 2/LKCSB

Logistics Department

Grace Lu Jia Yue  Yr 2/SOE

Deputy Directors
Emmanuelle Tsai Jia Yi  Yr 2/LKCSB
Sharon Jerusha  Yr 2/SOSS

Angela Tang Le Guan  Yr 2/LKCSB
Desiree Quek Wei Yun  Yr 2/LKCSB
Joven Goh Jing Yang  Yr 2/LKCSB

Honorary General Secretary (Freshmen)

Nicholas Yap Joon Yee  Yr 2/LKCSB

Deputy Directors 
Natalie Ang Yi Pin  Yr 2/LKCSB
Shania Arjan Nanwani  Yr 2/LKCSB

Human Resource (Facilitators) 

Jowett Chng Kai Cheng  Yr 2/SCIS

Deputy Director
Zoey Lim  Yr 2/LKCSB

Finance Department
Ivan Tay Zhang Ling  Yr 3/LKCSB

Deputy Director
Russell Ong Ing Khim  Yr 2/YPHSOL

Programmes Department
Trisha Tan Jia Yi  Yr 2/SOA

Deputy Director
Claudia Pai Zhi Yan  Yr 2/LKCSB

Ang Wei En  Yr 2/SOA
Sng Jia Wen Linette  Yr 2/SOSS
Regina Chia Cai Lin  Yr 2/SOSS

Operations Department
Brittney Quah  Yr 3/LKCSB

Deputy Director
Chia Jia Yu  Yr 2/LKCSB

Sheryl Ang Yu Hui  Yr 2/SOA

The FOMO organising committee, together with the facilitators and the Office of Student Life, welcomes all freshmen to SMU!