Detective Notes

I was skeptical about having a virtual orientation. Yet, today, I found myself genuinely enjoying myself through the games. I've learnt that we can make the best out of unfavourable situations if we dare to challenge ourselves and push ourselves out of our comfort zones! Super thankful for the tremendous effort in planning FOMO and all its games :)

Daryl Matthew Ang JiaHao
Conan 102

I learned the importance of being tactful in communication with my fellow peers, and learning how to collaborate and work with people of different backgrounds. All these skills learned through playing team games will also come in handy for projects when the new semester starts!

Foo Chuan Leong Freddrick
Drew 116

Sportsmanship is something that I took away from today’s session, learning to work together as a team and understand each other better. The webinars were also very useful in equipping me with the knowledge and resources to start my SMU journey.

Peralta 136

I learnt how to embrace change. Previously, I shy away from interaction with people I didnt know well but FOMO helped me to open up more. My peers helped me understand that working collaboratively with others is key to success.

Sim Hsien Yi Gerald
Conan 100

That intelligence is mostly measured by reaction time, which means there's a non-zero chance that I will need to have a talk with my profs about picking me in class since my reaction time is glacial.

Ryan Ng ZiXu
Holmes 121

I learnt that my peers, even with various degrees of introversion and extraversion, really open up and assimilate well into the group after a few hours of team games.

Marcus Png
Holmes 132

Introverted or extroverted? Regardless, there's a place for everyone in SMU! FOMO made sure to be inclusive to all. The well structured program introduced the pillars of SMU’s core curriculum and emphasized the importance of character growth and a holistic education for all. You’ll never feel alone in your journey in SMU!

Drew 109

I learnt that besides being just an academic institution, SMU places quite an emphasis on its students being good members of the society with the CSP requirements. This means that SMU wish to cultivate not only academically inclined students but also socially responsible students.

Chik Long JI
Holmes 132

I learnt that SMU is filled with opportunities and possibilities. There are many avenues to learn and experience life, giving us a more holistic education. Despite the COVID-19 situation, SMU tries their best to make orientation as enjoyable as possible which really shows how much they care about student welfare.

Chloe Cadence Tay Ruiyi
Drew 112

SMU draws from real-world experience to provide students an open and unbiased view of contemporary society.

Solomon Kwek
Conan 105

Despite the move to virtual, SMU ensures that the incoming freshmen do not suffer any disadvantages as compared to their seniors and the seniors also tried their best to bring about the best SMU experience to every single one to create a united community and a back-to-back culture!

Drew 109

I gleaned a greater insight into the different facets of SMU through the informative webinars. For example, the snippets of the seminars gave me a sense of how collaborative, constructive, and conducive learning looked like within the walls of SMU.

Wan Yuhan
Peralta 136

Teamwork really does make the dream work, it was really a team effort when we played the competitive games today because different people were in charge of different things, and it’s impossible to complete the challenges independently. Really fun day!

Lee En Jia Chloe
Conan 49

I learnt that it is sometimes more important to enjoy the process instead of focusing on the end result. I also found that I enjoy listening to diverse perspectives that are coloured from various experiences, and should prevent expectations/stereotypes from getting in the way.

Ng Xuen Yi, Alexe
Holmes 76

I have learned that the way we enjoy something isn't solely determined by our friends, but our own choice to be happy. My team showed me the power of great enthusiasm and that winning isn't everything as long as we enjoy our times together!

Mavelaine Sevannya Theardy
Conan 51

Today, I’ve learnt that enthusiasm and teamwork can make all the difference in bonding with people. Although there are numerous zoom sessions and there’s a possibility from feeling fatigue, but when we focus on bonding and having fun, things seem to be more bearable.

Samuel Chew Sheng Wen
Drew 67

My groupmates were really encouraging and displayed great teamwork when it came to solving the different missions. Even when we didn't win, the atmosphere was still great.

Joey Hoe Jing Yi
Holmes 74

I learnt that SMU has 2 libraries and dedicated research librarians for each school. I also learnt that Voices@smu provides more than help with individual cases but also have education and outreach efforts to touch on more aspects of student wellbeing.

Phaedra Tan
Peralta 88

SMU is a community that offers everyone a safe space to learn, be themselves, and make new friends. Moreover, as can be seen from the three pillars of the core curriculum, it is evident that SMU emphasizes building character and holistic knowledge in its students whilst amply preparing us for the working/real world.

Amanda Chen
Drew 71

During the Webinar session by Centre for Social Responsibility, I've noticed that SMU values and takes community service seriously. I have also learnt the requirements and relevant information that SMU students need to know about regarding doing community service.

Lu Ming Chieh
Drew 64

I learnt that SMU is an institution that trains its students in having a caring heart as it’s mandatory for students to serve 80 hours of community services as part of the graduation requirements. It allows the students to be appreciative and pay back by taking part in community projects.

Pek Jia Yan
Peralta 95

SMU has a well crafted community service program that encourages students to participate actively throughout the course of study. Systems are put in place for students to freely embark on their initiatives.

Joey Hoe Jing Yi
Holmes 74

I have learnt SMU prepares students to be responsible citizens who demonstrate leadership and integrity where they live and work. Specifically, community service, where I am required to complete a minimum of 80 hours.

Adoncia Lim
Conan 56

I have learnt that SMU provides essential core curriculums that would allow students to expose themselves the world outside and the community service course unit is a special feature in SMU which not only allows students to help others but also learn values for themselves and gain experiences.

Faith Xanthe Tan Yinn Fei
Drew 71

My peers helped one another whenever the others had issues. Friendship comes first, competition second. When it comes to group competitions/challenges, working as a team is important. TEAM stands for Together, Everyone, Achieves, More

Chew Rui Qi
Conan 8

I learnt that people have differing views of what I perceive as common sense. However everyone’s views are valid when considered from different perspectives which I should bear in mind for the future.

Ian Joshua Low Yaoting
Holmes 31

We are, all of us, scared to fail but once we realize that we are surrounded by peers that would not laugh at us for failing but instead respect your courage to try and also offer their support, then suddenly, we find that we are so much freer and are so much bolder for it.

Lee Liang Tao Graeme
Holmes 26

I learnt more about my moral standpoint today while talking about one of SMU's core values, integrity. I think this was a great opportunity to remind myself about my own moral compass and to also hear other people's opinion and treat their opinion with utmost respect.

Tham Zhi Hao Patrick
Peralta 39

Yesterday, fun. Today, more fun. Tomorrow, Most fun. I have learnt that Uni is not all that bleak and that I have many friends and listening ears around for me to pour my heart out! Especially The Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre.

Phua Yi Rui
Peralta 40

Today was a test of perseverance. The time-sensitive games and our lagging WiFi culminated in combined rising blood pressures. But I'm immensely glad that we pulled through and did not give up!

Sue Chew
Drew 14

SMU’s curriculum has 3 pillars: communities, capabilities and civilisations. This allows for a broad-based, balanced and experiential learning experience. There are also a wide range of CCAs available to spice up student life in SMU. 

Soh Shin Yee, Jamie
Peralta 37

I learnt that SMU is very particular in inculcating certain values in every SMU student through community service projects. It shows that aside from academic achievements, SMU does pay heed in developing students' compassion through serving the community. 

Khairunnisa Binte Kamaruszaman
Peralta 43

SMU is a place that balances both studies and fun and I look forward to starting school in SMU.

Leow Chun Yang, William
Conan 7

The holistic approach which SMU is using to enrich their students including but not limited to their core curriculum. By involving us in things like community service, we gain better perspective of the world around us, improving our soft skills.

Chia Hao Jun, Javier
Holmes 31

I learnt to have an open-mind when approaching a new environment. FOMO imparted to me important basic knowledge of the school's graduating criteria like 80 hours of CS and it gave me a brief idea of education in SMU will be like. 

Werner Kang Hong Wei
Peralta 37

I have learnt that SMU provides a holistic approach to students' development. Not only does the school teach you the technical aspects of your core focus, it allows you to branch out and complement other important practical areas such as communication and evaluation.

Goh Jhung Kai Klement
Drew 20

I'm so excited to kickstart my university journey with FOMO 2021 and I'm ready to make new friends! :-)

Koh Jia Wen, Chloe

Excited about making new friends and the games!! I can't wait! 

Tan Zhao Fei

I'm excited to find friends to bid for modules together with and to kickstart my SMU journey by playing games and bonding virtually with new friends! 

Ariana Marian Lim Sheng Bei

I'm looking forward for more social interactions with future schoolmates 🥺💜

Tsai Nien Mei

I’m so excited to make new friends and have fun!

Alex Ching Jia Hao

Excited to make new friends without even leaving home!

Thapas Vee Pula