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Rotaract Club is a youth development club that emphasises service over self, as well as achieving fellowship through community service, professional development and club service.

In Rotaract Club, freshmen have abundant opportunities to learn and develop themselves.

Firstly, freshmen can improve their communication and interpersonal skills through our 4 community service projects. Our community service projects cater to a wide range of beneficiaries from underprivileged children to elderly in need and freshmen can pick which project they wish to partake in. Additionally, they can clear their community service requirements and also gain leadership skills by joining the organising committee in these projects.

Next, freshmen can explore their interest through our professional development workshop (e.g. photography workshops, dialect workshop). Freshmen also have the opportunity to consult the experts in various fields in our networking session.

Lastly, through all these different sessions, we hope to provide the freshmen with ample chances to build fellowship.


Did you know? 

1. We cater to a wide variety of beneficiaries such as people with Down syndrome and underprivileged students.

2. SMU Rotaract Club is a member of the Rotary Club of Singapore which has been established for 90 years.


*Subjective to the projects.

Our People in Action

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The club is aiming to help volunteers attain a minimum of 40 community service hours. However, this may also be subjected to changes in light of the Covid-19 situation.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we have the following projects which are to be confirmed:

  • Project Sparks: A project to raise awareness of special needs children, and broaden the children’s perspectives
  • Project Nurture: A project to link volunteers with underprivileged children, and to build up essential life skills to empower them
  • Project Bloom: A project facilitating the interaction between volunteers and people with down syndrome, so as to empower them and stimulate their social and emotional development
  • Several upcoming Ad hoc Projects

We provide skills workshops that aim to teach our members important life skills such as new languages. Throughout professional development networking sessions, we cater to the interests of our members and provide the opportunity to network with industry experts.

Project sessions are conducted approximately about once a month. As a member of Rotaract, Members need to attend at least 1 Rotaract Event per AY to maintain membership.

We are looking at shifting the projects online, with minimal physical activities. These virtual activities may continue until AY20/21 Term 2 depending on the school advisories.


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