Student Services Hub & Voices@SMU

Student Services Hub

Located at the heart of Basement 1 Concourse of SMU’s Li Ka Shing Library, Student Services Hub (SSH) is a one-stop resource for student services and a knowledge centre for our students. Here at SSH, you will be able to seek assistance on just about any other student-related issue. Some of our services include

A) Enquiry
• Student Financials
• Student Life
• Student Insurance
• Administrative Matters

B) Endorsement
• CITREP forms
• Learning Agreement
• Certificate of Arrival
• Certificate of Departure

C) Submission of Forms*
• Financial Aid
*Please note this list is not exhaustive

D) Collection
• SMU Student Undergraduate Concession Card
• Enrolment Letter
• Academic Summary
• Proof of Residency Letter
• Overseas Exchange Transcript
• Insurance Claim Reimbursement

E) Payment
• Tuition Fees
• Miscellaneous Fees
• Hostel Fees
• Bursary Refunds
• Business Study Mission Trips
• Car Park Season/ Preferential Parking / Day Passes
• Student Card Payment for Loss / Damaged cards
• Additional Academic Transcripts

Our friendly student peer advisors are on hand to provide you with first level assistance in
navigating through various transactions, resources and services. Additionally, our counter service
staff are crossed trained as generalists to handle more complex enquiries and transactions.

You may also be delighted to know that the SSH offers a series of empowering workshops known as the THRIVE programme to support you and make a success of your SMU journey. You are encouraged to attend the complimentary workshops which promote active lifelong learning in today’s uncertain and complex world.


To find out more about our suite of service offerings, visit us at

Mondays – Fridays, 10am – 5pm 
(excluding public holidays) 

70 Stamford Road #B1–38A, 
Singapore 178901 
Tel: +65 6828 9696 



SMU endeavours to provide a safe study and work environment for all members of our community. We believe that everyone has the principal right to feel secure, protected and respected within SMU.

Voices@SMU, a unit that resides within Student Services Hub (SSH), assists and supports students (regardless of gender) affected by harassment or violence - including cases of sexual harassment or sexual assault.

As the designated first-response unit for harassment or violence cases, Voices@SMU gives students (reporting or accused parties) a safe and central place to be heard. Our trained staff work closely with SMU's professional counsellors (from Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre) and schools to explore options with regard to their case and provide students with necessary assistance, and support for their decisions.

All matters or persons brought to the Unit’s attention will receive equal fairness, facilitated support and appropriate action. Cases will be treated with paramount confidentiality.

Find out more about what you can do by taking the mandatory online module on eLearn here (Navigation Path: eLearn > My courses > Supporting a Harassment Free Environment 2020), and do look out for further educational materials during the rest of your time with us.

For more information and resources, visit us at

Email for more information, or to report harassment or violence cases.

For urgent or emergency situations, do contact SMU’s Campus Security (6828 0343), or inform the Singapore Police (999) immediately.

Student Services Hub