Office of Core Curriculum (OCC)

Office of Co-Curriculum  

The SMU Core Curriculum:  

The Core will be the most fun part of all students educational journey.  

The Core will cultivate tools that complement and will help all students excel in their majors.   

The Core has a distinctive and progressive value which will offer multidisciplinary learning and the cultivation of an integrative intelligence that will enable students to “apply themselves to anything, anywhere, for the good of all. 



SMU Prinsep Street Residence 

SMU Prinsep Street Residence (PSR) is a quiet sanctuary just minutes away from the SMU city campus and Singapore’s civic district, in the heart of Singapore’s thriving arts, cultural and lifestyle precinct.  

PSR’s “home away from home” communal living concept is a stylish and modern yet functional co-living space in the backdrop of the city where work and play co-exist, and is continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s generation. The newly refurbished interactive convertible classroom space and pockets of leisure and chill out areas add fresh ambience to our gated residence.  

Co-learning remains ubiquitous in PSR.  We are pleased to share that the Core Curriculum will be launching courses at PSR for PSR residents in Academic Year 2020.  Residents can opt to take courses such as Big Questions, Economics and Society, Management Communications, and key modules from the Cultures of the Modern World and Technology and Society baskets at PSR, thus reducing the need to commute to campus for their classes.  

As part of SMU’s ongoing commitment to create vibrant, inclusive and safe learning communities for residents, PSR will also embark on a new living learning journey with the introduction of a Faculty Residential Fellow (FRF) as a way to integrate residents’ academic experiences with their residential lives.  

Residents can look forward to a fresh and diverse repertoire of exciting community bonding experiences, sports activities, field trips, reading groups, pop up forums, speaker series and Master classes while staying at PSR.  We are sure the experiences and friendships forged will add a valuable dimension to your SMU experience. 

Come and join us on our virtual tour of the SMU PSR community where you can co-live, co-learn and co-work in the heart of the city. To find out more, click on this link: 

Office of Core Curriculum (OCC)
Office of Core Curriculum (OCC)
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