Diversity, Inclusion & Integration

SMU’s Diversity, Inclusion & Integration (DII) unit champions an environment where undergraduates appreciate diversity and contribute towards building an inclusive SMU community. DII focuses on promoting social and cultural cohesion within the campus community, in particular, overseeing efforts to facilitate the integration of local and international students, and supporting students with disabilities and special needs. The team:

  • Provides advice and support to help international students adjust to life on campus and in Singapore. DII, together with the student group, SMU International Connections (ICON) organises various orientation, educational and social programmes, to assist international students in forming support networks in Singapore and SMU. To find out more about ICON, please click here.
  • Provides support services for students with disabilities, by enabling access to learning materials and resources on campus. DII is committed to making our campus accessible and collaborates with internal and external partners to promote equality of opportunities for students with disabilities in all aspects of student life and career preparation.
  • Engages and develops students as agents of change to promote the spirit of inclusion and integration through various programmes and activities on campus. DII encourages all SMU students to join our ICON family! Do follow SMU International Connection on Facebook (@SMU ICON | International Connections) and Instagram (@smuicon). 

Our programmes and initiatives are geared towards enhancing your student experience, so, keep up to date with our activities via Facebook, Instagram (@SMU_DII) or look out for emails from dii@smu.edu.sg.

Our 2019 key events: SMU ICON Camp and SMU Diverse-City & The Picnic

For more details, click here for International Student Experience and Disability Services