Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR)

Community Service has been an integral part of SMU's DNA since our university's inception in 2000. SMU is the first university to make community service a graduation requirement. All undergraduates are required to complete a minimum of 80 hours of community service.

Students matriculated from AY2019-20 onwards (excluding students in the *Bachelor of Laws programme) will be awarded one course unit (1 CU), upon successful completion of the Community Service requirements.

In reality, the graduation requirements belie the true passion of our students. On average, each student contributes well over 135 community service hours throughout their years at SMU. To date, SMU has devoted more than 2.9 million hours in service towards the community.

The Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR) provide students with many opportunities to work with beneficiaries and non-profit organisations supporting various causes. These include local and overseas community service projects. C4SR also works with external enterprises to impart leadership skills and encourage volunteerism among students through talks and other initiatives. It has established many awards and grants to recognise outstanding student achievements.

*For students in the Bachelor of Laws programme, Community Service will continue to be a non-credit bearing graduation requirement.


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