The Quest



The Quest


For many generations, SMOOmanji, a joyous garden paradise, is home to all. There is a vibrant harmony amongst the diversity of denizens. Nestled within this blissful abode stands the tall and colourful SMU Totem. It is a shining beacon, guiding all fighters, titans, creatives and thinkers to discover and develop their innate spark.   
One day, a mysterious darkness descends upon SMOOmanji, eclipsing the technicolour world. The tall SMU Totem unprecedentedly collapses in the darkness and shatters into many fragments. This glorious land is now shrouded in shadows, trapping the denizens in the Phantom Zone behind their computer screens.  

Not wanting to live in fear, a brave new alliance comprising four clans; Akamai, Ikaika, Hana and Koali have banded together. Rallying from a fortress hidden in cyberspace, this resistance alliance has decided to set forth into the darkness to piece the SMU Totem together to bring light back to SMOOmanji.  

The only way to overcome this darkened dystopia is to divide and conquer. The young denizens must work together in small teams, and each team is tasked to find one fragment of the SMU Totem. Each and every young denizen must equip themselves with the knowledge of the land in order to acquire the CIRCLE Power needed for their team’s quest.  

Fumbling through the maze of darkness, each team miraculously chances upon a unique coded map riddled with numbers and the letters, C.I.R.C.L.E.  Little do they know that these are precious scrolls gifted by the elders of SMOOmanji from the Phantom Zone to aid them in their journey.  

Will the alliance succeed in their quest?  Will they find their way through the darkness?   

Will SMOOmanji be reinstated in all its shining glory? 

“Follow your heart, but take your brain with you”  

Tactics, calculations and wisdom defines the Akamai clan of thinkers. No problem and no challenge is unsolvable.  

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“To achieve great things, we must first dream.”  

The Hana clan are the creatives. They will surprise others with their inventive approaches and out-of-the-box ethos. To them a challenge is yet another artistic endeavour.

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“Strength comes from an indomitable will” 

The Ikaika clan are titans known for their strength and their physical capabilities.  Completely unafraid, they face their obstacles head on.  

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“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”  

Nothing will keep the warriors of the Koali tribe down. Their resolve and fighting spirit emboldens and protects them in times of adversity.   

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