Q: What is Freshmen Orientation?

SMU Freshmen Orientation (FO) is a platform for freshmen to make new friends, get inducted into the SMU community and be introduced to the University’s CIRCLE values. The year, FO moves online and is called Freshmen Orientation Moves Online (FOMO). It is organised by SMU Office of Student Life and a team of dedicated students in the organising committee under the umbrella of SMU Students’ Association (SMUSA). To find out more about SMUSA, click here.

Q: When is FOMO?

Freshmen will attend one of the two runs, where each run is a 4-day programme conducted online:
Run 1: 21 – 24 July 2020 (Tue to Fri)
Run 2: 27 – 30 July 2020 (Mon to Thu)

Q: I've missed the previous deadline, can I still sign up for FOMO?

Yes! We have extended our deadline to 24 July, Friday, 6pm. You can sign up for Run 2 here.
However, please note that due to limited stocks, you may not be able to receive the FOMO goodie bag. 


Q: What can freshmen look forward to in FOMO?

In this year’s edition, freshmen can look forward to interacting and playing fun and interactive games with their team members, led by a facilitator. They can also learn more about SMU by attending live webinars by SMU offices and School Constituent Bodies (CBds). Lastly, there will also be $30,000 worth of attractive prizes to be won for winning teams and clans!
For more information on the 4-day programme, click here.

Q: How will FOMO be conducted?

FOMO will be conducted via both Webex (where freshmen will interact with their facilitators and peers) and the FOMO website. Freshmen will need access to a laptop/computer/tablet that has a camera and mic. Prior to the start of FOMO, the facilitators would get in touch with the freshmen to guide them through the steps on how to install and use Webex.

Q: Do I have to turn their camera on throughout the FOMO programme?

You are strongly encouraged to turn your camera on during the Webex sessions with your team. This will allow your team members to better connect with you as conversations are more engaging and efficient when facial expressions are in play. There are also games and activities which require the camera to be turned on as well.

Q: How can I find out more information about the school/faculty which I will be going to?

On Day 3 of the programme, you can attend the live webinars conducted by all the 6 School Constituent Bodies (CBds) to find out more about your school. Also, all the schools will be conducting their own orientation programmes so do join them in order to get to know more about your school and make more friends! Click here to find out more.

Q: How can I find out more about course bidding?

Freshmen will register or enrol for classes via a bidding system called BOSS (Bidding Online System). Information on policies and procedures relating to course registration can be found in OASIS > BOSS > Course Enrolment & Drop > All about BOSS.

Q: Who can I contact if I require any assistance regarding FOMO?

Please contact your FOMO facilitator directly or the organising committee at freshmenorientation@sa.smu.edu.sg For urgent matters, please call 88742995.