Co-Curriculum Development (CCD)

Co-Curriculum Development (CCD)

Student Development in the Co-curricular Space

A distinctive feature of the SMU education is the development of well-rounded students through experiential learning via its diverse co-curricular platforms (including student clubs and societies, mandatory internships, community service projects).

Co-curricular activities provide unique and valuable learning experiences, including the development of skills valued by employers. Yet, learning does not occur automatically – rather, it must be carefully and intentionally designed. At SMU, we strive to render visible the learning outcomes from co-curricular activities through the deliberate curation and design of learning experiences that map to established learning outcomes. The goal is so that each CCA experience becomes a purposeful journey for you.  

The CCA experience is a self-directed, and potentially transformative, journey. Every student’s CCA experience is unique and what you take away from the experience is also highly individualised. At SMU, we promote the culture of meaningful reflection to generate, deepen and document learning. Through this process of reflection, you will hone your ability to discern and articulate your areas of personal growth. 

Mandatory online modules that have to be completed before embarking on Internship and Community Service*: 

  1. Reflective Practice Unit (to be completed first) 
  2. Internship Readiness Modules 
  3. Community Service Units 

*Internship & Community Service to be awarded 1 CU each upon completion (except for students in the Bachelor of Laws Programme) 

A Learning Journey Like No Other
Freshmen Guide to Co-curricular Learning Units

Management of Co-curricular Learning and Records

Anthology Portfolio is the platform used in SMU to document the outcomes of your co-curricular experiences across your undergraduate years, culminating in a co-curricular record.

By being involved in a variety of co-curricular activities and articulating your learning from each activity on Anthology Portfolio, you can contribute to your co-curricular learning record.

Your Anthology account will be automatically activated upon your first co-curricular experience.

AP Infographic

For more information, you can check out the Anthology Portfolio student guide here.

SMU Pathfinders Programme

The SMU Pathfinders Programme is a personal and leadership development programme that comprises a series of curated experiential platforms focusing on the three inter-related domains of the “Self”, “Self and Team” and “Self and the Community”. Conducted both internally by trained SMU staff and by external vendors, the Pathfinders workshops aim to provide additional learning platforms beyond those currently offered to students. Students can either participate out of their own interest or as part of their existing Co-Curricular Activity training programme(s). These workshops are complimentary for all students!

The SMU Pathfinders Programme seeks to develop values-driven learnersauthentic collaborators and responsible global citizens.

Pathfinder Graphic

Examples of SMU Pathfinders workshops include ‘Values Conversation’, ‘Release Your Unique Strengths’, ‘Self-leadership: Mindset and Skillset’, ‘Conflict Resolution’ and ‘The Power of Emotional Intelligence’. Keep a lookout for EDMs on upcoming workshops and sign up to reserve your seat.

Find out more about the SMU Pathfinders Programme here.